Monday, January 21, 2013

Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik Indonesia The Large profit

The weather was clear overarching national banking industry. Economy continues to grow making the harvest income of banks. Recent data Banking Statistics of Bank Indonesia (BI), which was released last Saturday (12/1) shows the coffers of the national banking profits are increasingly mounting. By the end of November 2012, the bank recorded net income has exceeded fantastic figure of Rp 84.86 trillion, up 22.10 percent from November 2011 which amounted to Rp 69.44 trillion.

With the growing trend of monthly earnings in the range of USD 7-8 billion, the bank profits throughout 2012 would be projected through the 90s trillion USD. This figure is higher than bank profits shot in 2011 of Rp 75.07 trillion.

Standard Chartered Bank economist Fauzi Ichsan said the performance of the banking sector is highly dependent on the performance of the national economy. If the economy grows a nice, smooth lending activity so they have a high income. "With economic growth at around 6.3 percent, the banking industry is a prospective," he said.

Chief Economist of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Kiryanto Ryan added, high profit national banks in line with the swift flow of credit, particularly to micro segment. "The need for micro-credit sector continues to grow and high margin, so banks are competing to work on this sector," he said.

In addition, continued Ryan, other factors that also encourage banking performance is the level of income continues to rise, so that the wheels of the economy moving faster due to increased purchasing power. BI, he added, is already trying to put the brakes to prevent the risk of consumer credit economy heating or overheating. "But, it will only delay the consumption of it," he said.

Meanwhile, from the banking side, winning the title with the highest profit bank still held by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). Actual data from BI (unaudited) as of end October 2012 showed, a bank specializing in SME is able to make a profit to Rp 14.62 trillion.

In the second position, the Bank attaches to Rp 11.60 billion profit in the third position and no Bank Central Asia (BCA), which stood at Rp 9.66 trillion profit. Furthermore, in the position of the four existing Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) with a profit of Rp 5.69 trillion.

Vice President Director of Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia Riswinandi recognizes that the key to increasing the performance of the Bank is lending growth in the range of 22 percent across all sectors. "But, a special segment of micro credit growth at best," he said.

According Riswinandi, during the first three quarters of 2012, the micro-credit disbursed Bank surged by 77.3 percent to Rp 16.8 trillion. The number of micro credit customers also increased from 626 thousand to 798 thousand customers. While credit segment micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rose 30.8 percent to Rp 50.6 trillion.

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